Behind the curtains: people of the Liberties

“Mrs Brennan took her seat again at the sewing-machine by the window. She sighed as she turned her tired eyes in search of some inducement to solace down the white road through the valley of Tullahanogue...”


The Valley of the squinting windows by B. Macnamara

The best works would be exhibited on the long walls with in the niches of blocked up windows. This would create a vibrant street gallery. By putting images in the currently blocked windows we would like to metaphorically “open them up again” as if by presenting new art that is being create in the Liberties we would open up the curtains of the windows and show the creative soul of the quarter. This new artistic trail could become one of the major tourist attraction of Dublin City. The exhibited works will be mounted on purposely installed boards that can be removed or replaced in future.This way the walls would remain intact.

The Great Mà

We invite all the Liberties artists (writers, painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographer) to talk about women, and more specifically, motherhood. The women’s power will be displayed along the grey and blind walls of Fatima giving a new meaning at the area. The artworks have to focus not just the life-giving creative power of mothers, but above all, the power denied to women and the power won by women over the course of the twentieth century. The best artworks will be posted side by side to the artworks of local artists based in the artistic studios of the Liberties. We wanna transform the degraded part of the Liberties in one of the main attraction of the city, and also stimulate the inhabitant of the Liberties to take different routes while walking their daily itinerary. The above part of the project could bring life back to desolated and forgotten streets which in long term could kick start a regeneration of the area.

. The exhibited works will be mounted on purposely installed boards that can be removed or replaced in future. This way the walls, if protected structure, would remain intact. 

The Liberties, D8