Play Different, Play Together

Play happens all the time and everywhere. Playing games is one of the activities that has always been common to the entire human race. Since prehistoric times and with very different shapes and characteristics, it has been used by the peoples to provide entertainment and leisure. Each country reflects in some way its own world, its complex cultural system through the playing activity. Knowing games from different countries and traditions makes it possible to approach in a fun way to other cultures, discovering affinities and differences, habits, customs and sometimes even the values ​​of a culture.

So play can also become a simple and extraordinary way to bring children closer to other cultures. Without any presumption to teach anything but to have fun.

With our program we explored outdoor games played in Ireland and around the world in a time when there were not computer games. With our event we encourage the local families to interact with each other through the power of art and play.


Also explored the diversity of The Liberties using different artistic languages: dance, music, circus and much more...

BabyBe Festival 2018 was kindly sponsored by

The Liberties, D8