a family friendly Performance accompanied by a Street Storytelling Exhibition.

For the 2019 edition of the BabyBe Festival -Identity&Diversity - we have proposed a Street Storytelling Exhibition (illustrations and text) accompanied by a Performance. A modern satiric Irish tale that explores the themes of “Culture Diversities” and "Mental Health" in an artistic, colourful and playful way through theatre, puppet show, storytelling, live illustration, music, dance and meditation. 


We built up our work inspired by "The Irish Fisherman", a tale written by Jorge Gonzalez and illustrated by Emiliya Tashchieva.

"Irish Fisherman" was performed by a bunch of great local artists:


Irish Fisherman & Old Man - Grainne O'Carrol;

the Snake - Helena O'Connor;

the Bees - MyArt ballerinas leaded by Veronika SardiKo;

the Pandas - our Audience coordinated by Sandra Villegas;

the Cat Monk - Claudia Kunkel

directed by Anna Rita Mele & Jorge Gonzalez

presented by Giuseppe Crupi & Anna Rita Mele

This tale is a sensitive reminder that wonderful things can happen by being curious, open-minded, and willing to leave our comfort zone. 


Participants were transported into a wonderland fantasy world populated by the characters from the "The Irish Fisherman” Tale. During the event the performer, our brave Irish Fisherman, interacted with the audience: the attendants were not just spectators but an integral part of the show.

All the stage design was created by Emiliya Tashchieva in a very short time...2 afternoons... The stage design was composed by 5 panels (3m x1,5m).

Wonderfull work!

BabyBe Festival 2019 was kindly sponsored by 

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